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How Sifted Became a Greenhouse for Influential Chefs

January 25, 2017

Pulled from the resumes of our chefs:

  • Daily caterer for Google
  • Training chef under Michelin star-earning, Jean-Georges
  • Served dinner to Elton John and General Petraeus
  • Founding chef at Atlanta brunch hotspot
  • Executive sous chef at award-winning oceanic restaurant
  • Chef de cuisine at Austin’s The Carillon
  • Worked under celebrity chef Chris Kurth

At Sifted, we have a theory. The best food is always local. Good food is never reheated, shipped or enhanced with preservatives. It’s dependent on the regional agricultural community for seasonal produce. The most important aspect about being local, however, is local people.

The best chefs usually come with a well-worn passport. They’ve tried their hands at different cuisines in a long string of cities. They’ve let themselves be stretched in unfamiliar environments and sought out apprenticeships in renowned kitchens.

They usually find a city they can’t shake, and even if they are transient between restaurants they look to put down roots and make a name for themselves. They become part of the local fabric, understand the interests of eaters, seek to work with local producers and push everyone forward.

When we launch in a new city, we hire a team of chefs who have made an impact on the local culinary community. These chefs see Sifted as an ideal creative opportunity and the best environment for personal and professional growth.

Sifted has become a greenhouse for incredible chefs because we’ve created an environment that is so different from typical culinary opportunities. We don’t make the same food everyday, and each menu is carefully designed and curated to meet dietary, nutritional, stylistic and seasonal requirements. Sifted chefs are given autonomy, as well as concrete goals and metrics. And with all of the creativity, there comes a responsibility to deliver daily. Few chefs get to serve the offices of some of America’s fastest-growing companies, while also getting nights and weekends off. Because its demands are so unique, a position with Sifted is many chefs’ dream.

At Sifted, we listen to our chefs. We welcome change, collaboration and support. Our network of chefs, though spread across the country, communicates on details of every lunch, refining our recipes, presentation and client experience.

We’re fortunate to be able to vet some of the nation’s top chefs for our few positions. We’re always on the lookout for local talent across all cities. If you’re interested in bringing colorful food, energy and zest to the office lunch, apply here: hi@sifted.co