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Up & Coming: Meet Cashew Yogurt

August 29, 2018

Breakfast can often turn into a meal so dominated by sugars and fats, it could be considered dessert. No one wants, or needs, a sugar crash at the start of the day to hinder productivity, but it can be difficult to find a variety of breakfast options that are wholesome and delicious, especially if you have a dietary restriction or preference that omits dairy.

Thankfully, one of our favorite nut allies, cashews, have entered the breakfast game. They have long been a trusty alternative to cheese, peanut butter and ice cream, but now they are showing themselves in yogurt form, popping up in more all-day cafes and grocery stores, according to Bon Appétit Magazine.

More Emphasis on Dairy-Free Alternatives


Dairy-free milks have gained mass appeal — as they are a common option in the majority of coffee shops nationwide now — and dairy-free yogurts are poised to be next. Cashew yogurt is yet another indicator of the rise of plant-based eating, a trend Whole Foods predicted for 2018. Though coconut, soy and almond yogurts are the most common staples in grocery stores, cashew yogurt offers something the others don’t: more creaminess. Cashews themselves are extremely creamy, which lends itself to a richer yogurt. It also has a more neutral flavor than alternatives like coconut yogurt.

Though there is a big push toward dairy alternative, traditional yogurt does have its benefits. It’s made by culturing, or fermenting the milk, which makes it a probiotic food that supports gut health, as well as immune function and digestion. However, cashew yogurt can still provide a probiotic boost. Though it offers less protein (about 3 grams per serving) than dairy yogurt and  other dairy-free alternatives, a plain variety, like the up and coming Forager Project’s Organic Cashewgurt, is low on sugar and doesn’t have a long list of additives like other varieties.


Create Healthy + Delicious Meals


Create an exciting morning meal while reducing sugar intake and and benefiting from a more plant-based diet. Though cashew yogurt may not be at every grocery store, you can find it at many Whole Foods and other health-food stores.

For breakfast, drizzle honey or maple syrup, shredded coconut, granola and fresh berries on top for a hearty morning meal with a good bit of crunch. Chocolate lovers can try a version with cocoa powder, or you can sprinkle cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice for fall twist.

If you are craving something healthier for dessert, recreate your favorite yogurt parfait recipes using cashew yogurt. Here’s a paleo, vegan and Whole 30 recipe we’ve got our eyes on.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can always make your own cashew yogurt at home. In fact, it’s very simple, and it’ll save you a few extra bucks. All you need is cashews, three other ingredients and a blender to make this minimalistic version from the pros at Bon Appétit. Add probiotic supplements to get the gut support that regular yogurt provides.