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Meet Sifted's New Directors

December 11, 2018


 (Pictured left to right) Bryan Droll, Hilary Straw

This past quarter Sifted hired two directors to continue our triple digit growth. The new Sifted team includes: Director of Operations, Bryan Droll, and Director of People Operations, Hilary Straw.  The expansion of Sifted’s team comes as we prepare to maximize our market share in our current markets and plan additional market launches in early 2019.






Director of Operations, Bryan Droll

Bryan Droll, who comes from an operational strategy consulting firm in New York, SSA & Company, has 8 years of experience in Operations Management and Performance Improvement. He will be partnering with city teams to enhance Sifted’s operating model for sustainable growth while developing market strategies that elevate Sifted’s offerings and execution.

“I’m thrilled to join this innovative team and drive operational excellence initiatives in such a fast-growing company,” says Bryan. “Sifted has such an inspiring vision to raise the lunch game and I look forward to implementing improvements over the next year to support their exceptional service.”

Director or People Operations, Hilary Straw

Joining Bryan is Hilary Straw. Hilary has over 8 years of experience in HR and people operations. She will be designing and implementing an HR and people operations strategy to scale Sifted to new heights in the coming years. She looks forward to enhancing the protocols and building upon the success of the team so far.

"I am so excited to get an opportunity to put my stamp on such a quickly growing company," says Hilary. "I see the potential of Sifted and its people and know that my knowledge and experience will help it get to the next level. I can't wait to take on the challenge that awaits!"


Director of Culinary Innovation, Kim Tran

In addition to these 3 new hires, last year, Sifted brought on Director of Culinary Innovation, Kim Tran. Kim was a veteran Google chef before making her move to Sifted. In the past 12 months she has helped with creative new menu ideas, synchronizing the kitchen teams across the country, and raising food operations and standards well above industry benchmarks.

Sifted’s investment in these new positions is supported by our financial stability due to great quarter over quarter growth.  With these hires, we have created a best in class team that will increase our current market penetration and open up new markets for future expansion.