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The Benefits of a Healthful Workplace Lunch

March 05, 2020

Employee wellness has become an important part of many companies' organizational policies. In recent years, more and more businesses have taken an interest in promoting healthy practices—such as nutritious eating and regular exercise—in their employees' lives. Providing a tasty and healthful workplace lunch, even on a weekly or biweekly basis, is just one excellent way to promote employee health and cultivate a healthy company culture.

Adopting policies like these isn’t just good for your employees, either: it can help your business too. Here are a few ways that offering a healthful and delicious office lunch benefits both your company and the people you work with.

Employees typing on their computer at work

Healthful Workplaces Are More Efficient

Studies have shown that employee health and wellness efforts not only help employees achieve and maintain better health, they can lead to increased productivity and give employees the sense that their employer cares about their well-being. Healthier employees are likely to be happier and more satisfied with their lives and work, since they feel better and have more energy. Company-based health and wellness efforts can also yield a major return on investment for employers. Businesses with healthier employees see fewer sick days, lower healthcare usage, and increased employee performance and retention.

Employees happily enjoying lunch together at work

Office Lunches Boost Employee Morale

If you're looking to begin or expand a company wellness initiative, providing employees with a healthful lunch is a good place to start. A nutritious workplace lunch directly nourishes employees and promotes positive eating habits while fostering a sense of community in the workplace. Receiving food at work also makes the majority of employees feel valued and appreciated. When employees feel seen and cared about, they also do a better job, creating a win-win for employer and employee.

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Lunch Perks Draw Top Talent

Providing a healthful lunch to employees is also a move that can help you entice and retain top talent in a competitive market. These days, prospective employees look at more than just salary. They want perks, and a health-boosting, money-saving lunch can be a convincing bonus. Healthful workplace lunches signal to prospective employees that your company cares about their overall wellbeing and future health, as well. The presence of a healthful workplace lunch can communicate that your workplace culture is generally positive and health-sensitive, rather than stressful and dismissive of employees’ needs.

Catering Server placing a pan of lettuce on table

Let Sifted Provide Your Healthful Lunch Catering

If your company decides to begin providing employees lunch, consider Sifted. We cook all of our own food in house, and each of our menus has been carefully crafted by our chefs, so we control the process from start to finish. At Sifted, we specialize in healthful and delicious catering that your employees will enjoy. Our flexibility and personalization allow us to cater to your team's exact needs. We provide vegan and vegetarian-friendly options and can create tasty menus that have choices available for people suffering from any of the eight most common food allergies. With a Sifted meal, your employees will know that you've taken their unique tastes and dietary restrictions into consideration. Our catered lunches promote a positive company culture and show that your company truly cares about employee wellbeing. Let's do lunch!